Dear RPR,

I write this with the most sincere gratitude to Rancho Park Recovery for embracing my son as he has embarked on his journey as a sober young adult. I have jokingly said, “this is the best fraternity in the world”, but honestly, it’s seems to be true. In a house filled with men of different ages, all of the clients sharing the common goal of sobriety, the camaraderie there is palpable. The residents each bring their own experiences and strengths to the group, and with the strong leadership of the Rancho Park staff, it is a home where the clients can learn and grow with support and confidence.

Trevor, the program director and VP, is the most dedicated and caring leader. He models faith and belief in oneself, and inspires the clients to embrace those attributes in themselves. He exudes kindness and compassion, and his support, presence and concern for each individual are unwavering. Ripley, in operations and admissions, helps to hold the seams of the house together, which is a constant and critical task.

Perhaps the greatest blessing for my son is that many of the clients living there are also musicians. Lance, the owner and founder of Rancho Park Recovery, is a musician himself, and he clearly recognized the need for there to be a separate space in the house where the musicians can play and create music. In this space, they can explore and expand their musical passions with like-minded people. This is a priceless gift to the clients.

My son has been at Rancho Park for over year now, and has continued to grow and thrive in all aspects of his life. Although I believe his progress is mainly due to his own commitment to himself, I know that the house he resides in and the people surrounding him have played essential roles in his continuing journey.

Your support means so much… I sincerely thank you.


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